Christine McClimans

Poems of Christine McClimans

I Cry

Emotions rush,
My river swells,
I cry.

Shooting Stars

Stars shooting gekleurde ster
Across a darkened sky,
Yet not as brilliant
As seen in
Your lover’s eye.

This Side Of Midnight

Just this side of midnight
My lover comes to me.
His arms reach through the darkness,
His smile sets me free.

I Promise You

to be with you each night
watching it slip into each new day

the sun brings the promise
of my devotion in every way
to watch the days
blend into years
being the keeper of your dreams
the conqueror of your fears
to have you feel the passion
only hearts in love can feel
from this moment on
proving my love is real
i will give my love freely
in everything we do
spending the rest of my lifetime
whispering words of love to you
no more broken hearts
or unhappy memories
never any fallen tears
where smiles should be.

Storms Never Last

I hear thunder in the distance
Something strange is in the air
A cold wind is blowing
Like a whisper through my hair.
The sun turns to darkness
The sky as black as night
My blood runs colder
A feeling of inner fright.
Icy breezes like fingertips
Brush against my face
I pray this storm passes quickly
And never leaves a trace.
I believe deep in my heart,
As my mind recalls the past
The sun soon will shine again… Zon
Storms never last.

I want . . .

. . . to be the breeze
that gently touches your face
the kiss that lingers on your lips
but, never leaves a trace
to be the sound of your heartbeat
strong as the tide
like the treasures of the deep
of what is hidden inside
to be the one in your dreams
when the darkness falls,
the first name on your lips
when the sunrise calls
to be the passion so hot
like the flame of a fire
the one that you crave
the one that you desire
Forever And A Day
My heart no longer is my own
for it has flown away,
to beat in perfect unison
within the one I love,
forever and a day.

What would you do
if I took one look
and knew
I loved you
Show the Way

Beginning Of Love

Outside the snow is falling
Quietly, not a sound.
There is starlight and moonlight…
Magic all around.
What a perfect time to tell you
How wonderful you are
I have become enchanted…
If only from a far.
I’ve never seen an angel Engeltje
But, I feel it could be you
You seem so angelic
In everything you do.
An angel sweet and special
A miracle of God’s love.
Were you born in Heaven
Between the stars above?

In my heart I wonder
Are we something meant to be?
Let’s start on a journey
Together… just you and me.


Between two people
the journey may be long.
Between two hearts
love is
just a beat away.


The rain is tapping softly
against the window pane.
Alone in the darkness,
I call out your name.


Everything you do,
Everything you say,
Melts my heart
In some small way.


You chased away
The storm clouds
Turned my skies
From black to blue,
It is no small miracle
I devote my heart to you

Eyes of the Heart

I opened my heart
to welcome the magic,
my eyes to
seek the truth.
Because Of You
I feel the magic.
I wish the wish.
I dream the dream.
I believe in forever,
Because of you.

Tonight and Forever
As I watched the candle flicker
Flames danced all around
I remembered a true love
I was happy that I had found
Love so true and gentle
Totally captured my heart
Never did I stop to think
We would ever be apart
Time has a way of passing
Nothing remains the same
But, tonight and forever
I’ll never forget your name.

Essence of Spring

Early one bright morning
I step outside the door
I notice something different
I didn’t see the day before.
The cold winds of winter
Blow gentler towards Spring
All around me becomes renewed
For every living thing.
I hear a new melody
From high up in the tree
The one only a bird can sing
A song especially for me.
The smells, the sights, the wonders
Seems to be all around
Just step outside into nature…
See the wonders that abound.


The past is merely a reflection,
time I’ve spent with you.
Looking forward to the future,
unique dreams coming true.

Run To You

When there is darkness
And there is no light
When tears sting my face
And I have lost sight
Of hopes and dreams
That never come true
I will turn around
And run to you

Angel Loves Him

Angel loves him…
Nothing she can do
He came into her life
Making dreams come true
He plays with her imagination
To keep their world alive
How long does she think
She will be able to survive
She has never kissed his lips
Nor looked into his eyes
Never spent the night beside him
Or heard his loving sighs
She waits for the chance
That he may call
She sits and wonders
If he thinks of her at all
Soon the phone rings
All that she will hear
A message of…"I love you"
Softly spoken in her ear
He loves Angel…
Nothing he could do
She came into his life
Making dreams come true.

Christmas Wishes

If I had Christmas wishes
That you would grant to me
Of anything I’d ever want
There are only three
The sun is my first wish
For you to give to me
It is like my love for you
Burning for all eternity
The moon is the next wish
It represents my heart
In all the different phases
Signifies the times we are apart
The last one I would wish for
Would be the brightest star
One that would light the path
To show me where you are
The sun,the moon,the stars,
Are closer than they seem
For Christmas Wishes
Are merely but my dream.
By The Light Of The Moon
I feel a gentle stirring
Deep within my heart
The love we’ve just made
It is only just the start.
I look outside the window…
Moon shinning over the knoll
Two hearts have joined
To form one perfect soul.
the snow is gently falling
Love is all around
Something magical has happened
A message is Heaven bound.
I prayed for a daughter
I guess we will know soon
If an Angel was concieved tonight
By The Light of The Moon…

Dedicated to my daughter on her 24th Birthday
(The answered prayer)

My Special Angel

I am sending you my special angel
On the wings of pure love
One of exquisite beauty
From heaven above.

I am sending her to you
Just so you will know
I care so much about you
And wanted to tell you so.

I have called upon my angel
And sending her to you
To comfort, love, and guide
In everything you do.

Her soft wings will gather
Close around your soul
When you feel that touch from "no where’
Then you will know.

She has promised to protect you
To keep you safe from harm
To take a way the dark fears
To make your heart light and warm.
Trust in your "angel"
You will feel her all around
In your time of loneliness
Is when she will be found.
Send My Friend An Angel
Please send my friend an angel
Send her one of mine
A loving and caring one
The best that you can find.

Please send my friend an angel
And trust her with its care
Someone or something for her to love
And to always be there.

Please send my friend an angel
One to help fill her days
With hope, love and laughter
And the warmth of sunshine rays.

Please send my friend an angel
You know she gave me one of mine
Please send her down an angel

A true friend is hard to find.

Power Of A Friend
As I am awakened swiftly
from a deep and peaceful sleep
my heart is racing wildly
like a million little feet.

The panic that I used to feel
has turned to something new
a feeling of strength and power
that I have somehow learned from you.

You have empowered me
to take a look within
and find the love of a friend
where fear has always been.

So now I reach into the dark
and feel the ray of light
from the love a friend sends to me
shining bright into the night.

A Morning Song

dew forms on the morning glory
the hummingbird soon will fly
the sun is starting to break
through the eastern sky
darkness turns to twilight
as the stars begin to fade away
night gives in to daybreak
the dawning of a new day
the birds will sing to awaken
the sleepy valley below
then nature comes to life
with the sun’s early morning glow
the sun sleeps behind the mountains
it certainly won’t take long
to hear the earth awakening
to sing a morning song


light comes to claim the darkness
the rain to cool the heat
time passes too slowly
till the two hearts dare meet
the oceans send tides inward
power controlled by the moon
she sits and gazes at the stars
on the damp and sandy dunes
distance is the only demon
that dwells within her heart
deep rivers and high mountains
keeping heartbeats far apart
time and space seperates them
for on earth it can never be
they will be joined one day
love shall survive all eternity

The Candledance

Within the flicker of the candle
watch the dance of the flame
burning hot like desire
of a heart that can’t be tamed
Its soft golden glow,
the feeling of delight
like a lovers tender touch
reaching through the darkest night
Experience the wonders of candlelightMannetje met kaars in kandelaar
let the gentle fragrance surround
allowing it to sooth your soul
imagining magic all around

Angels Whisper

angels whisper
in voices soft and low
pledging their guidence
wherever we may go
memories from my heart
linger in my mind
of loved ones departed
and the ones left behind
Christmas bells are ringing
what a happy sound!
heavenly angels singing
spreading love all around
the golden gates of heaven
will swing open wide for you
angels showing you the pathway
for hearts pure and true
golden bursts of starlight
angelic artistry magically appear
wishes of Merry Christmas
and Happy New Year.

On The Wings Of A Butterfly

Your friendship is special
Like the flowers that bloom
Or when a butterfly emerges
From within its cocoon….
You remind me of that butterfly Paars vlindertje
Loving and free
Bright and colorful
For the world to see…

We will share the sunshine and rainbows
Sometimes, the rain and the snow
We’ll stand together through it
While the cold winds blow…

When the time is right
We won’t stop to ask "why"
Our friendship will take flight
On the wings of a butterfly…

Our Friendship

Our friendship is soothing
Like a warm gentle breeze
A soft,tender rustle
Through the leaves of the trees…

Our friendship can bloom
Like a beautiful springday
Yours and mine did
In such a wonderful way…

Our friendship brings rainbows
After the storm
It appears in the winter
To keep our hearts warm…

Our friendship withstands hardships
As the winter wind blows
like a candle in the window Kaars
With its soft warm glow.

Come Dream With Me

Come dream with me
As we recall the memories
locked within our hearts. Hartjes

Our hopes and dreams
weaving a colorful tapestry.
Hues of purple twilight begins to fade
as silver streaks of moonlight
pierce a darkened sky.
Soon the sun will chase away the stars
and another day will dawn,
Come, dream with me.

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