Aurora – Where am I

Where am I?

Drifting, I’m floating.
Being pulled into the darkness.
I can’t see, all there is, is dark, black.
Where am I?
It’s getting hard to breath,
It’s coming in shallow raspy gasps.
I feel light headed,
Where is everyone?
Where am I?
Only darkness, it surrounds me,
Consumes my very being,
My soul.
Help me find my way.
Where am I?
I’m lost,
I can’t find my way,
n Please help me, Tekst: alsjeblieft
Bring me to the light.
Where am I?
Why aren’t you looking for me?
I need your help,
To find the way back.
Find my way back to how I once was.
Where am I?
Find my way back to who I was.
Where I was,
When I was,
Help me please!
Where am I?
Once you said you loved me. I love you
And you said you’d never leave.
That you’d always be there for me.
Where are you?
Where am I?
When I need you the most,
When I need a shoulder to cry on,
Someone to hold me. Omhelzen
I need you to hold me in your arms once more
Where am I?
Where are you?
To help me now?
You left me,
For her.
And now I’m all alone.
In the dark,
All alone.
Where am I?

Auteur: Aurora

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